Blessings Favour the Bold

This space is for women who are ready to MOVE.

We do the deep-dive to see how you've been misleading yourself with old programming that has been drawing in assholes.

We erase all that stuff and replace it with your whole new mindset that is designed to restore your power, confidence and success in dating and love.

We awaken your inner divine feminine and bring her to the forefront so she can lead your life the way its supposed to be led: through power and grace.

You'll be operating in your feminine divine so the world knows who they're dealing with, and ONLY men of high caliber, who know what to do with you, will be able to approach you, because your signals will be crystal clear on what you expect from the masculine divine in its TRUE form, not this other shit.

This is the space for women who are ready to be courageous, face themselves and align with their inner goddess. Here, you reclaim your body, your mind and your heart from the past and you live in the HERE AND NOW, and no one can ever hurt you like that ever again. I've got you. YOU'VE got you.


I was a frustrated millennial woman drowning in self-hate, having no real insight into myself, and choosing horrible boyfriends because of it.

I always thought, "Well, he's awful, but he has such-and-such good qualities, and I'll never find that in anyone else, so I better take this while I can get it." That's no way to live.

Ironically, these boyfriends who claimed to love me so much were often the same people who said and did the most damaging things. It flared up my C-PTSD.

Some examples of my symptoms were hypervigilance, hyper-independence and a general sense of urgency. I also developed an Avoidant Attachment style with people I loved or wanted to love.

After I had my son, I knew I had to set a better example, and so began my journey inward, ready or not... it was time to face my darkness.

I had to explore my low self-esteem, my viewpoint on men and love... things I was too afraid to think I was wrong about. All that old shit had to go if I wanted to make any genuine improvements and stop attracting assholes for good.

I started telling myself more loving things, forgave myself for not knowing any better, prioritised my physical, emotional and mental health, and explored my upbringing to find what would've caused me to accept shit treatment from men in general. The programming starts as early as you can imagine.

I'm proud to say that my emotional maturity, self-respect, intuition and courage have expanded ten-fold, and continue to do. This is where you can be if you trust yourself to take the deep-dive and let your self-exploration take you to the next level.


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